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In case you are getting calls from the wonderful people at NCO Financial Systems. You should read some messages people have posted about this company. Apart from having to pay $1.5 million to settle Federal …

In case you are getting calls from the wonderful people at NCO Financial Systems. You should read some messages people have posted about this company. Apart from having to pay $1.5 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), there are also many many claims of state and federal violations of legislation like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The company purchases old debt from people like your cellphone provider, hospitals and the government for pennies on the dollar and then tries to collect it. You may have even already paid the bill, like I had, but that is really a minor irrelevant point. The reality is, much if not most of this debt is so old noone has any obligation to repay any of it, least of all not to NCO. Many people have been harassed for debt belonging to neighbors, relatives, old residents of the same address, and co-workers. Don’t pay NCO a penny.

If you receive letters or phone calls from NCO or phone numbers like
800-709-8625 or 888-804-3488 or 877-803-8009 or 800-541-2742 or 888-688-7929 or 800-445-4918 or 866-569-8956 or 800-218-1175 or 800-448-9576 or 800-684-8429 or 866-429-3592 or 800-976-8307 or 877-871-6484 or 800-735-6588 or 800-220-1942 or 877-778-1799 or 800-227-4000 or 800-807-7809 or 866-626-9112 or 866-425-8131 or 800-967-4100 or 877-252-4534 or 877-202-9074 or 888-691-8955 or 888-259-3021 or 800-437-7403 or
800-383-4761 or 866-360-9791 you should read this page about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If NCO does anything wrong with you, you could be entitled to $1000 per infraction and they may have to pay your lawyer and possibly even your debt.

To halt their “contact”, send NCO a certified, return-receipt cease and desist letter (they throw away all faxes and non-certified letters). A sample letter might read (though, you must seek real legal advice, which I’m not):

This is to advise you that pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) 15 USC 1692c(c), you are hereby notified to immediately terminate any contact with me, or any members of my family or household, regarding any matter concerning the collection of a debt you allege is owed to your company or to your principal/customer/client. This notice shall include, but is not limited to written correspondence, as well as telephonic communication. This letter also verifies that I live at the address above, therefore, any further locator attempts would be a violation of the FDCPA.

Their address is:
NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
507 Prudential Rd
Horsham, PA 19044-2308

Is NCO calling you? Do you have a new NCO phone number or information? Please leave a comment and share it with the rest of us. Thanks!

NCO may or may not report your debt dispute with them on your credit report. It is important to make sure that if NCO puts anything on your credit report, all of the information is accurate, such as date of debt, last activity on account and the correct amount. That information is not always placed on all three major reports and your valid creditors usually only check one of these sources, so make sure you check all three (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian) for correct information.

Oh, and Miss Hill, thanks for calling ;)

Important! File a complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General – easy online form (NCO is a PA company and PA is investigating NCO)

P.S. The Pennsylvania Attorney General recently finished a big case against them, though the complaints continue.

More: 201-818-0316 202-607-2935 205-561-2455 205-561-2459 209-320-7604 215-441-3000 216-200-5188 240-210-7142 240-210-7150 240-241-7150 253-248-6405 267-352-3706 267-519-4001 290-210-7150 310-862-9083 313-444-2971 323-372-6326 408-538-5101 410-202-0066 410-202-0067 410-202-0069 416-932-4500 434-533-9062 443-205-1056 514-717-4395 517-780-0216 519-346-2500 559-272-6462 571-261-0072 603-589-7556 603-589-7558 609-373-1904 609-373-1906 609-373-1909 612-844-0919 614-717-2367 614-717-4395 614-827-7500 631-328-6485 631-440-2079 641-717-4395 650-230-1963 650-230-1968 703-656-9956 703-656-9959 704-522-4341 704-559-4979 707-307-4222 716-568-5810 757-209-2055 757-990-8982 763-200-6592 801-618-2058 804-234-9068 804-234-9071 804-952-9946 823 301-8125 832-301-8125 845-770-0069 888-579-0626 916-285-5535 918-878-2625 918-878-2627 919 913 0968 919-913-0968 951-289-4371 972-217-8339 1-888-609-2354 1-800-685-4343 1-888-785-1426 1-800-709-8625 1-888-804-3488 1-877-803-8009 1-800-541-2742 1-888-688-7929 1-800-445-4918 1-866-360-9791 1-877-202-9074 1-877-252-4534 1-800-967-4100 1-866-425-8131 1-866-569-8956 1-800-218-1175 1-800-448-9576 1-800-684-8429 1-866-429-3592 1-800-976-8307 1-877-871-6484 1-866-626-9112 1-800-807-7809 1-800-202-9074 1-877-778-1799 1-800-220-1942 1-800-383-4761 1-800-437-7403 1-888-259-3021 1-866-360-9791 1-888-691-8955 1-888-691-8955 1-800-735-6588 1-877-871-6484

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  1. New number = 1-800-688-3390. I’ve never talked to a person. I did try to call back, and got “thanks for your petience” for 3 minutes of hold.

    No legitimate debt collector would contact people with a recorded call.

  2. get calls every day to home and work. told her not to call me anymore especially at work.. still does. calling from 2 numbers

    and 641-717-4395

  3. These people are calling the phone number here but they aren’t looking for anyone that is here, they are looking for whomever had the number before, unless they’re just calling different numbers trying to find the person they want, but it isn’t even me.

  4. Minnesota’s Department of Commerce has fined a Pennsylvania-based debt-collection firm (NCO Financial Systems) $250,000 for offenses including hiring convicted felons.

    This is the type of company that is calling you: convicted felons are calling you. And the thing is they have access to your most private information like your social security number and your credit report. These criminals have to be put our of business. So, with convicted felons calling you representing NCO Financial Systems, contact and file a complaint with the FTC:

  5. Have received calls everyday for weeks. #800-883-0613. when we call back sometimes we get someone to speak with. They are looking for a person who we have never heard of. They promise to fix the error of probably filing an incorrect phone number, thus getting us, and yet we continue to receive automated calls from them.

  6. New number from NCO: 631-328-6485

    I got an automated message naming NCO, but when I tried to call the number, all I got was dead air.

  7. Call NCO on their 800 number after 5pm, blocking your number. *671-800-220-2274. You’ll get an automated response that continually loops. Every minute on the line costs them money. I have a second line, called them 7 hours ago, and placed the call on hold. It’s still on (it’s 1AM now). Tomorrow, before 9am, I will hangup. That’s 15 hours of 800 number minutes that THEY get billed for. If we all do this, they might get the message.

    • Doing the *67 doesn’t work on 800 numbers. SInce they are paying for the call, they get the number you’re calling from, so, if you don’t want it traced, use a pay phone, if you can find one these days. Someone used my phone to call a collection agency about a bill they claim her juvenile child owed (neither she nor the child did owe) and several weeks later the collection hag called back and claimed the mom gave her my phone number. I told her she and I both knew wasn’t true. So, the 800 numbers are like that for several reasons. One is so they get the number you call them from.

  8. Call NCO on their 800 number after 5pm, blocking your number. *671-800-220-2274. You’ll get an automated response that continually loops. Every minute on the line costs them money. I have a second line, called them 7 hours ago, and placed the call on hold. It’s still on (it’s 1AM now). Tomorrow, before 9am, I will hangup. That’s 15 hours of 800 number minutes that THEY get billed for. If we all do this, they might get the message.

  9. I surrendered a car 2 years ago and NCO now holds the account. I set up payment plans for 150$ a month for a settlement amount. I said I works possibly be able to pay more on it once I received my taxes, but it was a possibility not set in stone. Today I get a call saying they need the $2000 payment I told them they would get from my taxes . And that they would no longer accept the 150 a month payments. They would seek a garnishment order. Can they do that? It is Kevin Baker that contacts me

  10. New number(s): 1-800-260-5570. That was from NCO Financial Systems – they called me SIX times yesterday! They gave me that number to pass along, then I called it back to make sure it was good. Another was #1-763-200-6592, also from NCO Financial Systems. Then it was NCO Group Inc., #1-215-441-3000. Today was from NCO Group, #1-832-301-8125.

    They keep asking me if my roommate’s mom (asks for her by name, of course) lives here, which she doesn’t anymore (we rent from her), and she’s never had this phone number, PLUS they are hounding us for a debt she payed off long ago. Yesterday I got SIX phone calls and I knew better than to answer the phone, but decided to blow some steam finally,,,so they call me first thing bright and early this morning! Its pointless to talk to them; sorta like trying to reason with/argue with a “troll” on these forums (Carla February 7, 2012 at 8:44 pm). Trolls get their jollies irritating and upsetting people in forums. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent…really just meant to leave the new number(s) (the first one they gave me to give to her, then I called it to make sure it was good).

  11. New phone number

    Shawn Wheeler : 1-888-899-5952 .

    This company just started calling my home in at the beginning of February 2012, leaving an automated massage to call a Shawn Wheeler (spelling?) and mentioned a case number. Every time I pick up the phone, the automated system just continues and hangs up when done. They never say who they are calling for. I pay all my bills on time and don’t have any unpaid debts whatsoever, so I wanted to request them to remove my phone number from their system. Today I called them back and remained on hold for A WHOLE HOUR !! (I wanted to see how long they kept people on hold through their automated system — a real life person never took my call.) I guess I’ll have to put in a few complaints to the appropriate authorities.

  12. Tired of these jerks calling my office. I have the misfortune of having the direct number of someone who I guess owes them. I have told them everyday the past 5 days, he no longer works here and I took his place. They keep calling and calling! GET OFF ME NCO!!!!

  13. I have about had it with NCO…..I followed my State Attorney General’s directions, I reported them to PA, I sent them an e-mail with a cease and desist and they are still calling. Now they have started at my place of employment, which is a legal place of business and they will not stope…..HELP……PLEASE…..I am 67 years old and I don’t need this for a debt that was paid off years ago……and I can prove it and I di but they still keep calling. anybody got a bomb we can send them ……lol

    • Hey Carole,

      Pay attention goofy !!

      I bet I know the exact reason they have ignored your cease and desist e-mail to stop calling you.

      Sending an E_MAIL does NOT do anything. E-mail ing a collector does not preserve your rights or apply to anything.

      Send them a letter by — Certified U.S. Mail, Return Receipt Requested.
      Include names, numbers, address, etc, for them to stop contacting you at !

      Keep a copy of your letter and staple the postal receipt for initial mailing and the return receipt card once they get the letter and sign for it and you get the green card back with their signature.

      G00gle— Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

      Read the act, it will tell you how to stop the scum collecting agency with the letter. It says just send a letter , attorney told me to send letter by certified mail return receipt.

      AGAIN , e-mail’s don’t accomplish crap when it comes to getting them to stop.

    • Umm, If you’re not having any problems paying your bills on time why are you even on this website??? You are also obviously oblivious to think you will never lose your job or have a reduction in hours that could cause you to get behind in payments. Where have you been the last few years???

    • Your ignorance is showing….most of the comments on here say that the accounts this company is calling about does not belong to them…

    • Hey smart @ss ( Carla )

      Paying bills is not the issue here. The issue is the scum debt collectors who are scammers, criminals, etc.

      I do not owe anyone , I mean anyone !!
      Capitol One Credit Card tried about a year and half ago to sue me for an un-paid credit card.
      To make a long story short after months on end to get them to understand they had the wrong Billy Cook. We ended up in court. All said and done I have since filed a federal suit against the junk scavenget debt collector for libel, defamation, lost wages, mental distress, and attorney fee’s. The court tacked on court costs.

      You see, I was’nt the person, I had indeed NOT owed them anything — never did .

      These debt buyers, collection agencies are scum, they dont care who pays as long as they can try to bully someone to pay.
      I found out before and after court talking to my attorney and court employee’s that a lot of this thing happens.
      Lot of time people get served for debt they don’t owe and never owed !
      The person kowing they don’t owe or never owed anything, the person ignores the court summons they receive. ( I did’t ignore )
      Then junk debt buyer sueing them then get’s a default judgement against the person who does not owe anything and never did. A judgement that allows them to garnish wages , raid bank accounts, etc. of the innocent victim !
      NO , it’s not about paying your bills or not.

      It’s about scum debt collection agencies who are out of control !
      Lot of the time going after the wrong f@ckin people !!!
      I snapped back at the scum. I had the means where some don’t.
      I got a nice settlement from the scum.

      You don’t get the moral of the story, it’s not about paying or not paying !!

      G00gle– junk debt buyer sues innocent person

      Google–collection agency bullying innocent consumers

    • Carla,

      In case you can’t read, the majority [f these folk receive calls from these jerks based on pat people having their phone number that had bad debts, these idiots don’t get the concept that a certain phone number is not tied to a specific person for life and that the phone company recycles phone numbers once someone turns their phone service off.

  14. I have been receiving calls at my place of employment, they don’t say who they are calling for, not even sure if for me, but the number they leave for a return call is 866-849-2442.

  15. What we do with our cell phones is not answer any calls that we do not have in the logged into the contacts list, or that we do not recognize the number. We then check those unknown numbers on the computer complaints sites, and if it is a harrasing or related mumber, we put into the contact list for that mumber.
    DO NOT ANSWER. If that number shows up on the sell phone, we let it ring. After a while they generally stop calling.

  16. In addition to the FTC, also report lowlife companies like NCO to your state Attorney General as well as your state Dept. of Licensing. All collection companies, regardless of where they are located must by law, have a license issued from EVERY state they try to collect in, and recently several have been caught fat & happy without one. Many such state licensing departments have their own C.A. boards whose sole purpose is to make life hell for rouge collectors who don’t play by the rules. Several years ago, we were being illegally hounded by two really nasty agencies for other people’s accounts. They made it clear they didn’t have to stop harassing us, but a few of these written complaints changed their minds real fast! One thing that works well is to file complaints of violations BEFORE sending them a DV letter and telling them the complaints will be renewed every time you hear from them. We never heard from them again, and just for good measure, we found the people they were looking for and turned them on to every consumer protection website out there, including Budd Hibbs. Hey, you tip your hand, you get it slapped!

  17. NCO made a mistake by targeting me. I have learned the real laws. Understand the differences between artificial person and natural person. I copyrighted my fiction. My name in all capitol letters. Anyone or any business attempts to use my name in all Capitol letters and make money using it, they are in violation. The fine is one million dollars in silver specie due to me for every violation per issuer and user. That is silver dollars. Not federal reserve notes. I used stamps autographed by me to invoke the power of the UPU. Got them by the b@!!$ now!

    • From your post you appear to be one of those crank idiots with the bizarre theories of pseudo-law. Please realize that you are a fool.

      Look, I’m writing your name in caps: DESTRY

      What are you going to do now?

  18. HELP!!!!! NCO has my license due too unpaid traffic tickets. I owed $8,460 lol all my tickets are either no insurance or no license. I have 2—4year old minor speeding tickets not one accendent or reckless nothing like that. So I paid them $2,200 ask a down payment and $300 a month for the last 7-8 months. Work is slowing down and I fear Im going to snap of I loose my license again. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO??????

  19. Got a voicemail message from NCO tonight. First time I have heard of them, and am not aware of any outstanding debts. Haven’t called them back yet. The callback number they left was 800-485-2202.

  20. I was checking my credit report and noticed a $500 past due note from NCO and have no clue what it is strange that is an even $500.00 so I gave them a call and they asked for info and told me they have no information with an account with that balance she did tell me there was one in 2010 but its been payed and she told me to look at my credit report and give her the claim number. I didn’t have the report handy so I asked why she couldn’t search and I didn’t get an answer after several attempts I gave up. Should I call back with the acct # or just report the problem, I don’t recall any debt that. I have and due to all negative comments concerned if.they’re trying to pull a a fast one on me granted I won’t pay unless I know.but shouldn’t they know if I.owe them?


      Do all correspondence , contact by letter in writing ONLY !

      They fish for information, the LIE LIE LIE !

      I’d bet you do not owe anyone anything. They think your some person their looking for. Your name is probably same or real close to someone their looking for. The more info you give them, more you talk to them , you could or most likely will end up paying a bill that is not yours !

      If you are sure you dont owe them anything , do not talk to them .
      Send them a letter to cease calling you, your neighbors, family, or calling you at work.
      Send the letter by U.S. Mail Return Receipt Requested.
      Keep a copy of your letter.
      Reference in your letter your telling them to stop calling you per your rights under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

      I suggest you google– FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT
      Read it and learn your rights under law.

      Any information you give a freakin collection agency , they will use against you !
      Dont end up paying some debt you dont own , or that belongs to another person with similar name as you…

  21. Think about exactly what kind of a person would accept a job where the job description is to harass people, all day long, every day. If they didn’t have that job they probably wouldn’t have any job. The only job requirement is that you know how to sit at a make-shift desk in a dingy building, barking at people on the phone all day.

    Worst case, even if the person they are calling really does owe them money, realistically, no one is going to send a check to a nasty jackass who lacks professionalism and who works for a shady outfit with unscrupulous business practices.


  23. NCO Financial Systems depends on you picking up the phone when they call you. That’s how they make money. Once you pick up and say, “Hello?” they got you. First, they record all calls, and the creditors are able to listen to the recording. Second, when they make a contact, you picking up, your phone number goes right to Robo calling, which could mean twenty to fifty calls per day for the next seven years, or until you pay. Third, if you blow them off, and you have a job, and you are under sixty, you go to the lawyers. It’s real simple, folks, if a collection agency calls, tell them to stop calling and hang up. If the debt goes to the credit bureaus, dispute it. Even if they can prove you owe the debt, as long as you stick to that one single word: dispute. (You are not legally obligated to give a reason, and by law, they are legally obligated to dispute your debt for you) They are then forced to write it off. You are not bound to pay a disputed debt.

  24. I was contacted today by a girl named Lindsey, she was very rude and asked me if I was going to pay my f*****g bill. I hung up and she called me back and called me a b***h!! called to report her to the manager and got passed around like a hot potatoe, then was told to try to call back tomorrow to talk to another manager.

  25. These idiots called here this morning looking for someone named John Stanley H***** I explained to her there was a John Andrew H**** at this number and she kept insisting on speaking to John or Stanley. She then gave me a reference number KK9345 and a phone number 800-350-2457. I asked her again why she was calling because the person and company she named were no one I had heard of. She asked if John was still affiliated with so and so company. I told her again there was no one here by that name and she said “never mind”. I asked her if she wanted me to have John A call and she said she had the wrong person. This after telling me all the details about John Stanley’s debt. Pretty classy place

  26. 650-230-1963

    They have called my house over 20 times within the last week. Sometimes the caller ID says Mountain View, CA, sometimes it says TATA communications, and sometimes it just says unavailable. I generally don’t answer calls from numbers I’m not familiar with but I finally answered today to find out who was making these obnoxious calls. They were actually calling in reference to my nephew and wanted his contact information, place of business etc. They told me he had opened a business account with them and used me as a reference. They said they needed to update his information. I told them I didn’t feel comfortable giving out his personal information to a total stranger calling me up on the phone. I said I would have him call them back if he felt the need to do so. The number they gave me for him to call was 866-412-0810. I decided to check out the name of their business and discovered all the bad reports about them! Geez! I certainly hope they don’t decide to continue to harass me. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that my nephew has outstanding debts, but I would never advice him to do business with this company as a way to settle those debts.

  27. I have been receiving calls from NCO for a long time now and it all seemed a bit fishy but i am in debt with a hospital bill that and when i talked to the lady she said something about Mcare . so i was to pay $50 to them. I paid the $50 then she said there is a $12 assessment fee. what should i do they keep calling me but ive been doing a lot more research on them and they dont seem creditable at all. please help.

  28. Chinese man answers when I call (855) 8515335 & says “Protecting America”, is this NCO a collection agency or somebody else? Homeland Security? Cheney? AOL? ATT? We have so many spy agencies; we live in a National Security State

  29. I received two voicemails from NCO Holding about debt collection that sounded absurdly shady. Who leaves a voice-mail about debt collection with no information about the debtor??!!

    “This message is from NCO Financial Systems, Inc. We’re a debt collection agency looking to collect on a debt. Please call us back at 888-579-0626?

    I have ZERO Debt! My mom does my taxes and she is a CPA. Lucky for me I keep pretty close tabs on these issues and according to a credit report that I received 2 weeks ago from Experian – no debt!

    By no means am I going to call them back – but next time I will pick up.

    • I have always found that swearing loudly at these kinds of people works—sometimes. If not, you can always blow a whistle in the phone when they come on the line.

  30. Wilmington, De 199850-5618
    By their own admission, via my call to them, they are charging me an erroneous fee. As God is my witness, I will be reimbursed!

    • I can’t confirm the falsified name, but I can confirm that is a number they leave in their voice mail message to reach Anthony Davis.

  31. Received a call from NCO Today. He left a voice mail saying Federal law Prohibited him from saying anything about WHY he is calling on a voice mail. just left a number and demanded that I call him back. I pulled my credit report to see why they would be calling. A medical bill that we had paid way back in 2006 is showing a 0 balance there name NCO was listed as the new owners. I have a pretty good idea what debt they are attempting to collect on. If they want 0 dollars I will be happy to send it too them. Also a rule to anyone reading this. If they request your bank information. DO NOT! give them any. they will rob you blind.

      • If you owe a debt you should pay the debt. However, don’t pay a single penny to NCO…pay the bill directly with the original creditor. There are a lot of comments online stating that NCO may not actually credit your payment correctly or request multiple payments from you.

      • Hey, Dan: there’s this handy little function on your computer known as “Spell-Check” that you might want to try. As for a phone company, I would pay them, but would gladly use two cans and a string before I would ever give a dime to the vermin at NCO. These scum deserve every bit of bad press they have and then some. They are officially listed among America’s top 10 worst collection agencies, although their tactics have no place in America. It’s a horrible reputation the brought entirely on themselves through their absolute lack of ethics or professionalism. They don’t care if you ever owed the debt or not just as long as they can scam it out of you or anyone else. They hounded us for months over someone else’s expired accounts and only stopped after we reported them to our state licensing Dept. and the FTC. We also located the person they were looking for and told him all about where he could go to learn about his rights under the FDCPA. Now, his old time-barred accounts are really worth their weight in dog shit!

  32. I received my first call from NCO yesterday. We receive a lot of wrong numbers for some reason, so I was going to go through and call these places back to get them to stop calling. First I wanted to research the companies I was calling. We’re trying to buy a house and we don’t want anything to mess up our credit. The message didn’t say who they were looking for, just “This message is from NCO Financial Systems, Inc. We’re a debt collection agency looking to collect on a debt. Please call us back at 888-579-0626” We’re very very careful with our bills and I can guarantee we owe nothing.

    • It could be regarding a relative or someone with the same last name in your town. I received one today for a relative. They were cold-calling people in my town with the same last name on the hope someone would know the person and give them info. No matter who is calling, people need to remember to not give anyone info of any kind over the phone. Buy, people more often than not will do so in an effort to be helpful, I guess. Your best bet is to just say you have no idea who the person is. Never hear of them, don’t live here, etc.


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