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Ahh, newsletter spam. Boyles Furniture, of the Hendricks Furniture Group, doesn’t seem to care that I have unsubscribed to their newsletter 14 times in the past six months. It’s kind of a game now. They send me a newsletter in violation of the Federal CAN-SPAM Act and I forward that newsletter to the Federal Trade Commission, their hosting providers, their internet provider et al…

Also of interest, their message uses 4 separate email addresses and pulls content from 6 different websites. The main domain registration for has privatized registration information at Network Solutions, but if you check the other sites in the spam, you will find some other (ineffective) contact information. Someone doesn’t want to be easily tracked down. They conveniently don’t include a phone number in their CAN-SPAM required contact information in the email footer. Though not required, most responsible emailers include a phone number as a sign of good will and integrity. Their sales/order number was also unhelpful.

Here’s a list of the websites that their ‘newsletter’ is advertising or pulling content from:

The sites are hosted by Peak 10 Data Center Solutions, which has not responded to any spam complaints with any action so far. Other networks involved are and IP Address of resolves to E-dreamz Inc in Charlotte, NC. If you are also receiving spam from Boyles and would like to let everyone know, here are the appropriate email addresses and websites:
Peak 10’s form: Peak 10 Acceptable Use Violation
Federal Trade Commission:
North Carolina Attorney General:
Peak 10 Hosting:
TW Telecom:
Network Solutions:

Their Network Solutions DNS Contact Information:

Since they are a member of the BBBOnline program, you can also file a Boyles Email Spam Complaint at the BBB.

Update: As you’ll see from the comment below, the Director of their Internet Department, Mark Richards, has finally contacted me regarding my unsubscribe complaints. If you have need to contact them, his email is and his phone number is 828.345.5255.

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  1. My name is Mark Richards and I am the webmaster for Boyles Furniture. My office phone number is 828.345.5255. I am usually in my office from 9 until 6 EST. If you are or if anyone is receiving unwanted email from Boyles, please call me and let me know what your email address is so that I will remove it. Also, our Internet Department number is 828.326.1050 (9-9) Mon-Sat and they will take a message for me. Sorry the email unsubscribe did not remove your address. Kind Regards, Mark


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