Obama 2012 Campaign Logo

Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign Logo

Keeping with the design aesthetic of the 2008 campaign but with a little bit of modernization, the new My Barack Obama campaign website has been launched sporting a 2012 BarackObama.com campaign logo. If the President wants Gotham Serif, he gets Gotham Serif (thanks Hoefler & Frere-Jones)…. ┬áSo, Are You In ?

7 thoughts on “Obama 2012 Campaign Logo”

  1. I have no issues with the choice of font or the Obama “O” logo. I’m irked with the kerning issues… especially with the large gap in between the 0 and the 1. I just don’t get how something like letter spacing could be missed when there’s only four characters AND this will be the main campaign logo. Sad.

  2. Ethan, I haven’t been able to get this logo out of my head and had to take a look at what the other options could have been. I think the blue background is what led them to the logo being inset into the 0, instead of it being the 0 itself (they didn’t want a blue “sun” – wanted to keep it white). Here is a link to an image I created that shows what could have been done, and what I think might be done still. I think they will revise this logo before too long.


      • Sorry to offend with my comment and anonymity. I’m a graphic designer and just commenting on the logo. I saw the target immediately, was just surprised at the choice/oversight? from a design perspective. I’m also not a fan of the font, the serif on the 2. Just sayin’. If you think this was politically motivated, it’s not. I was a big Obama supporter in ’08 (and loved his campaign graphics).

      • No worries… I just saw it in blue and it felt a bit less target like to me…. not a whole lot to do with concentric circles, though, right ?

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