Chimp CHM PDF Exporting on a Mac

I read a lot of ebooks, especially tech stuff, and, happily, most people are savvy enough to publish their ebooks in PDF format. Occasionally, however, someone finds some obscure reason or obsession to publish in CHM, Microsoft’s Compiled HTML Help file format. This was made back in the day for Windows 98, but continues to desperately cling to life (that or there’s a sole 38 year old programmer living out of his mother’s basement in Peoria who publishes all of these things – maybe i should ship him a case of mountain dew and some Fritos). Each page in the ebook is actually an html file, all of which are organized together and then compressed into a single file (.CHM file extension).  Microsoft abandoned CHM in 2002 for various reasons, but here they are, tons of brand new ebooks in CHM format.

So, if you are fortunate enough to be a Mac user, what do you do with these things? Well, you can use Chmox to read them, but should you prefer to export the ebook to PDF, Chmox will only do it page by page.. yay.  I found references to a program called Chimp from SpheraSoft, but both the company and the software are no longer.   All of the shareware download sites like VersionTracker no longer have it, but after some Googling, I dug it up on a Russian mirror of SoftPedia.

So download Chimp.dmg and print to your heart’s content.

Becoming a Non-Toxic Person

As someone who wants to continue to progress in self-actualization and the potential of who (and what) I was created to be, I found the following article to be very insightful, especially as I have found myself surrounded by some incredibly noxious individuals over the past several years. While I continue to recover and escape from the influence of negative/destructive/noxious personalities, I also remain vigilant for those traits to surface in new acquaintances or within myself.

How about you? What are your noxious people struggles?

Gratitude In My Pocket

In my pants, my wallet, my bookbag, even my Moleskine, there are little pieces of paper. Written on them is one word, gratitude. To some it may seem simplistic, but I have never been as happy as since I started reminding myself how much that I can be thankful for. Sure, I could complain about a lot, but who can’t? I’m loved. I eat well. I travel. I have my health. The daily negativisms have little hope in encroaching on my life as long as I keep armed with a healthy outlook. Complications that use to seem overwhelming are downright trivial compared to the power of gratitude. So yeah, I’m grateful. =)

Basecamp saved my life. really.

Basecamp project management and collaborationIn case you haven’t seen it, Basecamp is a website for project management, but more to the point, it is quite possibly the best collaborative organizational tool ever. Create a project, add the people involved and then share to-do lists, milestones/goals, post messages with files and write on virtual whiteboards, all while assigning everything to specific individuals and keeping everyone current by email notifications and RSS news feeds.

and almost everything is completely free…

The key is in the perfection of its user interface and deceptively constrained feature list. It doesn’t have 4076 buttons, options and gantt charts that you’ll never use. It just has exactly what you need to collaborate beautifully.

C’est brilliant,