WordPress, DreamHost, UTF-8 encoding and international characters

If you work on any WordPress blogs/sites that are written in any language that has accented characters and happen to be on DreamHost, you have probably noticed character encoding problems. For instance, the new auto-save feature in WordPress or the Ajax categories add field in the category list, can display improperly encoded characters. If you are seeing things like Actualités, …

Basecamp saved my life. really.

In case you haven’t seen it, Basecamp is a website for project management, but more to the point, it is quite possibly the best collaborative organizational tool ever. Create a project, add the people involved and then share to-do lists, milestones/goals, post messages with files and write on virtual whiteboards, all while assigning everything to specific individuals and keeping everyone …

WordPress Comment Spam Blocking

Elliott Back‘s amazing WordPress plugin, Hashcash 2.3, that effectively puts an end to automated Comment spam… Thanks again Elliott!

Word Press Ping URL List

Elliott Back‘s exhaustive list of URLs for automatic Pinging from WordPress. Thanks Elliott!