Barack’s Final Push

Reposted from my Facebook:

Thanks for being a fan of my Barack Obama application page and the ‘Yes We Can’ video.

With only days to go, Barack needs you more than ever before.

Every bit of support is another voter we can reach, another person we can get to the polls, and another step towards the change we need.

Will you stand with Barack in the last days of this historic campaign by donating today?

For the next several days, we need to work like the future of our country depends on it — because it does. While the poll numbers can give us hope, we cannot afford to become over-confident this close to the finish line.

We only have one opportunity to make history and get this country on a new path. And if we let up now, John McCain will win.

Please forward this email to anyone that you can and don’t forget to encourage all of your friends and family to get out and vote.

If you missed Barack’s half-hour message to the nation last night — American Stories, American Solutions — you can watch it in its entirety on his YouTube channel.

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