Fire Karl Rove Slogan Contest

Check out’s slogan contest to combat the cover-up operation being mounted to protect Karl Rove. Between the facts surrounding this scandal and the Downing Street memo, is there any reasonable excuse why there is no mass call for employment termination, criminal investigation and/or impeachment of certain corrupt political figures? For more background, please read Larry Johnson’s key facts article.

Hewlett-Packard stops reselling iPods

CNN Money is reporting that Hewlett-Packard is discontuing its relationship with Apple in selling dual-branded HP | Apple iPods. According to Apple spokeswoman Katie Cotton, “[HP] decided that reselling iPods doesn’t fit with their company’s current digital media strategy.” The partnership was announced at a January 2004 CES show. Hewlett-Packard will immediately phase-out all sales of iPods according to The …

Nickel Creek – Why Should the Fire Die?

Grammy award winning Nickel Creek has done it again with a stellar 14 track gem called Why Should the Fire Die?. As usual, the musicianship is excellent; would-be guitarists and mandolinists will be rewinding and pausing Sean and Chris’ licks for weeks. The musicality and sheer brilliance of the trio’s work always leaves me surprised and refreshed. Buy this record …

WordPress Comment Spam Blocking

Elliott Back‘s amazing WordPress plugin, Hashcash 2.3, that effectively puts an end to automated Comment spam… Thanks again Elliott!

Word Press Ping URL List

Elliott Back‘s exhaustive list of URLs for automatic Pinging from WordPress. Thanks Elliott!

happiness is a new glen phillips cd – winter pays for summer

If you know me musically, you know that I’m a huge Toad the Wet Sprocket fan. It was a sad day in ‘98 when they parted ways, and even though I was able to see one killer reunion show in New York in 2003, I have been eager for this abstinence of musical bliss to somehow end. Have no fear, …

Current read: FDR’s Second Bill of Rights

I return to FDR’s State of the Union Address from 1944 whenever I’m at my political wit’s end. When I start to believe that there is no altruism or hope or foresight to be found in those that lead, his speech reminds me that there have been great men and women of public office. The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’S …

NYPL Digital Gallery

Being obsessed both with photography and New York City, I thought I’d share one of my favourite destinations on the internet, the New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery. An amazing collection of the Library’s rare and select maps, photographs, posters and the like, the collection has almost 300,000 images to view.

mmm… Taco Bell

I love Taco Bell. Though, now that I’m back on the Body for Life treadmill, it’s a guilty pleasure not quite often indulged. Nevertheless, if you haven’t been in a while, you have to check out the clever quotes now appearing on the hot sauce packets. It’s the little things, really

Rent Is Coming!

At last! The musical that saved Broadway is coming to the big screen. It’s a musical version, a la Chicago, and reunites many of the most renowned members of the Broadway casts. Adam Pascal and Idina Menzel both look great in the trailer. Everyone should see Rent on Broadway (luckily I’ve seen it like 28 times) and now the whole …

Hey Bill Frist, stop hijacking Christianity….

Sojourners – faith, politics, culture The attacks of the religious right and this administration continue to be an affront to the integrity of those of faith. This whole ‘God is a Republican’ juggernaut would be comical in its absurdity if it weren’t tragic in its effect. The judicial system was envisioned as a bastion against the potential abuse of power …