PayPay Fraud? – Debit Card Account Verification Information


Within 24 hours of “verifying” a new PayPay account with my bank debit card, I had the following attempted purchases:

WAL-MART -$40.00
BUYPAYMENTS.COM 866840 -$1.00
WAL-MART -$1,035.40

I am an international traveler, never let my card out of my sight and am very protective of my banking information when shopping.  It would appear that there is either a weak link in the PayPay data storage system or PayPay is itself a completely fraudulent service.  I would like to think that this was a singular incident of data loss or a security breach, but since PayPay has not responded to my email, I can only assume that they are not interested in helping me further understand this situation.

Luckily, I have a great bank in Washington Mutual and these “charges” don’t present me with any real problems, but I encourage anyone considering using PayPay as a way to avoid the customer-unfriendly rip-off that is PayPal to stay away… far far far away.

UPDATE:  There is also a charge for MC-SAMS INTERNET 888-746-7726 (Sam’s Club) -$40.00

FURTHER UPDATE: appears to be the credit card processor for PayPay.  Or not.  Noone seems to want to respond with information.  Here’s the scam. Whoever got my debit card info from wherever they got it purchased a Sam’s Club Online Membership for $40 and a computer for $1035.  They also tried to purchase something from Sephora.  Both Sam’s and Sephora contacted me to verify the purchases before they were processed for shipment.  All charges were cancelled and this thief didn’t get his merchandise.   I would imagine enough slips through the system, though, for people like this to make a lot of money.

Anyone else had a problem with Paypay?  Any details you want to share?